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Learn how to use Photoshop's tools creatively and be a Photoshop Guru. Whether you have been using Photoshop for years or just learning for the first time, you will quickly discover new applications to create stunning images. "Be a Photoshop Guru" introduces the most important tools in Photoshop and then gives you very creative ways of applying them for amazing results. This program doesn't just simply show what the tools do, it shows you how to use them in your photography!

Techniques Include:

-Replacing the sky
-Making reflections
-Create studio lighting with gradients
-Explore techniques with Layer Masks
-Making believable composite images
-The art of precision selections
-Simulating a polarizer filter
-and more…

(The DVD cover photo was taken in Korea. The red maple tree was not behind the model. Using techniques described in the DVD, I explain how I did this. Notice the reflection, too. I had to create a whole new reflection to make this look believable.)

Photoshop isn't difficult to master, but there is a lot to remember. That's why an instructional DVD is so invaluable. You can play and replay the techniques until they become part of you. Jim explains each tool and each creative application clearly, and he shows what the hidden potential behind these tools are. You will be very stimulated and inspired by this DVD and it will have lasting impact on your photography.

This is a DVD-ROM for computer playback. Each lesson is a stunning High Definition quicktime file!

Running Time: 168 minutes
Format: DVD-ROM for computer playback
Number of discs: 1
Release date: March 2009

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