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Window light
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Friday, February 28, 2014
By Jim Zuckerman
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Window light is a beautiful form of illumination for portraits.  This shot I took a couple of days ago on my Venice photo workshop is lit by two sources – the window and the sconce.  I used daylight white balance, allowing the golden, tungsten lights to go very yellowish.  I also refrained from using fill flash here because I like the moodiness of the light.  The bowed head suggests contemplation in the masked model, and I think that adds to the mood.  Everyone in my group got the same picture or one very similar to this one.

I shot this with a 24-105mm Canon lens, and the exposure was determined by the built-in light meter on Program mode.  I used the exposure compensation feature in the camera to tweak what the meter dictated. That was necessary because the bright window caused the original exposure to be too dark.

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