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In this DVD, I share some of my favorite techniques for creating amazing images. I explain in step by step fashion the techniques I use as well as the thinking process I go through to come up with some of these ideas. This DVD will jump start your creative juices and give you a lot of ideas for working with your own images. For example, the knights on the cover were photographed at a local Renaissance Faire, and together with a foggy forest background and aword Jim found on the Internet, he explains how he meticulously outlines the knights and makes a flawless composite. The knights were photographed in bright sunlight, so Jim also had to eliminate the brilliant reflections from the armor. You will be intrigued as Jim explains these remarkable techniques in clear and easy to understand steps.

This is a DVD-ROM for computer playback. Each lesson is a stunning High Definition quicktime file!

Running Time: 173 minutes
Format: DVD-ROM for computer playback
Number of discs: 1
Release date: April 2009

Jim Zuckerman is a master at inspiring photographers to constantly think outside the box, and he will expand your creative horizons beyond what you thought possible. Jim has been doing special effect photography since 1969, and when Photoshop came along he fell in love with it because he realized there are virtually no limits to its creative potential. Jim is thrilled to share with you the techniques he uses to create some of his favorite pictures.

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