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Flash Made Easy $10.00
Flash intimidates pros and amateurs alike. Consider this ebook essential gear because Jim explains the fundamental principles of flash photography in a simple, clear manner, and after reading it you will understand how to control exposure, how and when to use fill flash and off-camera flash, how to soften the light so it is not so harsh and contrasty, how to freeze ultra fast moving subjects, and more. You will be amazed at the pictures you can take once the flash becomes your friend and creative ally instead of a necessary evil.

Jim illustrates his points with beautiful images taken from all over the world, and as usual his photography will inspire you to be better in your own work.

This ebook does not delve into studio flash equipment or techniques. It is entirely devoted to helping you understand your portable flash unit such as the Canon 580EX II or the Nikon SB-900. It does not cover popup flashes, either, because these are designed for snapshot photography and there are no creative controls. However, if you only have a popup flash now, you will want to read this ebook so you can see the tremendous artistic potential of portable flash.

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