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Greenland Photo Tour with Jim Zuckerman

Greenland Photo Tour

June 29 - July 6, 2014


Jim Zuckerman Botswana Tour 2013




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East Greenland is probably the most isolated part of this beautiful country, and here old traditions are still very much alive. In winter, hunting and ice fishing are a part of the way of life, and dog sleds are used to travel between locations. For visitors, dog sledding is a great way to experience both the magnificent landscapes of this isolated area and to get a feel for the traditional arctic way of life. On this photography tour we will set out from Tasiilaq for a tour of Ammassalik Island. We will see the Sermilik Ice Fjord, visit the small settlement of Tiniteqilaaq where we will dine with a local family before turning back through the middle of Ammassalik Island to Tasiilaq. There we have time to visit the town or to go on an (optional) snow shoe hike to the valley of flowers. This is a tour that takes you deep into the arctic world of East Greenland.   


Day 1:  Sunday, June 29.   Arrival Keflavik airport

 Transfer to hotel in Reykjavík and overnight.


Day 2:  Monday, June 30

We take the flight to Kulusuk airport-Kulusuk village-The Island- In the Ammassalik fjord in

south east Greenland.  Kulusuk means “The chest of a Black Guillemot."  The group will be

picked up at Kulusuk airport and transferred to the harbor for the boat tour to Tasiilaq. On the

way to Tasiilaq we will stop at the glacier Aputsiaq for capturing great reflections of the still

water of the lagoon.  Overnight at hotel Angmagssaliq.


Day 3: Tuesday, July 1

The landscape of the Ammassalik district is exceptionally beautiful and is like no other in the

entire arctic. The district is full of lakes, impressive mountains with sheer cliff faces, waterfalls,

green valleys, long rivers and huge glaciers. The area is largely uninhabited and breathtaking in

its purity. Our boat tour starts at 9am from the harbor and we will sail along the Ammassalik

fjord, and from there through the deep fjord Ikasagtivaq to the settlement Tinit (Tinitiqilaaq)

Here we stop for 2 hours and have lunch on the shore of the ice fjord.

Sail back to Tasiilaq and overnight at hotel Angmagssaliq.


Day 4: Wednesday, July 2

We leave at 9 am for Ikateq, a deserted village and fjord where nearby you find a rusty

World War II American military base that creates a contrast to the beautiful wilderness scenery

surrounding it. When the airport was moved to Kulusuk everything was left behind. 

 From Ikateq we sail to Knud Rasmussen glacier where we stop for about 2 hours to

photograph the spectacular ice forms against a backddrop of dramatic mountains.  

Sermiliqaq is a village that has a population of about 220 people. The wooden houses

in the village are small and colorful and give the settlement a very distinctive look in contrast

with the barren environment.  In the bottom of the fjord and about 20 km from

Sermiliqaq there are two very large glaciers, and this area is beautiful for capturing

some of the most unique landscapes in the world. We head back to Tasiilaq at 5pm

and enjoy the low angled sunlight on the pristine land forms. Overnight at hotel




Day 5:  Thursday, July 3

This morning we sail in the direction of Semmerlik, an icefjord and our first stop will be

in Ikatek, a deserted and photogenic settlement. On we sail to Johan Pedersen fjord

all the way up to the Haan glacier which is geographically connected to the polar icecap. As we

are approaching the glacier we go on land to have lunch and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the

glacier. Heading back we explore the various formed icebergs and if we are lucky we might see

some seals.  Overnight at hotel Angmagssaliq.


Day 6:  Friday, July 4

We will spend the day sightseeing in and around Kuummiut. Kuummiut is situated deep in the

Ammassalik Fjord. From the village the view is awe-inspiring along the fjord all the way to the

Denmark Strait. The peaks around Kuummiut are extremely tall and steep, reaching the

impressive height of 6.500 feet. The village is often a starting point for kayak expeditions and

hiking trips.  Overnight at hotel Angmagssaliq.


Day 7:  Saturday, July 5


Today we transfer to Kulusuk by helicopter, and we catch our return flight to Reykjavik in the

late afternoon. Overnight at hotel in Reykjavík.


Day 8:  Sunday, July 6

This morning we transfer from Reykjavík to Keflavík airport for our departure from Iceland,

knowing we've seen a part of the world that very few are priviledged to see.



Tour cost:  $6850.  Includes 2 nights hotel in Reykjavik with breakfast, airport transfer in Kulusuk, transfer in Iceland, 5 nights Hotel Angmagssalik, all boat tours, transfer from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq, whole day tour to Tinit, whole day tour to Kund Rasmussen glacier, whole day tour to Johan Peddersen fjord, day tour to Kuummiut, lunch plus coffee/tea except on flight dates to and from Kulusuk, 2 dinners in Reykjavik, 5 dinners at Hotel Angmassalik, professional photography instruction and critiques on demand.

Not included:  flight from Reykjavik to Kulusuk and return, airport tax, helicopter transfer from Tasiilaq to Kulusuk (about $1200), international flights, and drinks.


Single supplement:  $500