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Blue-eyed twins
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Tuesday, March 12, 2019
By Jim Zuckerman
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When mountain lion cubs are very young, they have beautiful blue eyes. I photographed these little guys during one of my wildlife workshops. They were constantly in motion, so even though this is captivity, it's still a challenge to get a good shot with a complementary background. I used a Canon 300mm f/2.8 lens for this picture, and the lens was set to f/3.5. As a result, the depth of field was quite shallow. I had to wait for the faces of the two cubs to be equidistant to the camera. In other words, when they were on the same plane I knew they'd both be sharp. It was a sunny day, so I had to find a place in the forest that was totally shaded for the best lighting. My shutter speed was 1/350 and the ISO was 640.

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Janie Greene - HOW CUTE!!!!

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