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Boudoir portrait
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Thursday, March 07, 2019
By Jim Zuckerman
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One of the reasons I've used the same hotel in Venice for more than 10 years is because of this room. It offers traditional Venetian decor, and the red patterned fabric-covered walls make a classically beautiful environment for the exquisite costumes of the models I choose. For this shot, I wanted to underscore the symmetry and balance of the room with the model being prominent due to the use of a wide angle lens. The lighting comes from two large windows plus the sconces and an overhead chandelier. When shooting with mixed lighting, I always choose auto white balance. Sometimes I use Photoshop to cover up the white baseboard moulding, but in this instance I decided to leave it as is and use it as a graphic element. My camera settings were 1/200, f/4.5, 3200 ISO, and I used a 16-35mm lens handheld.

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