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Hot air balloon perspective
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Sunday, December 02, 2018
By Jim Zuckerman
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This morning my photo tour group took a hot air balloon flight over Bagan, Burma, and it was fabulous. At sunrise, we had a cloud cover that obscured the sun, but shortly thereafter it broke through the clouds and beautifuly illuminated the 11th and 12th century ruins. I took this unique vantage of Dhammayazika pagoda about 20 minutes after sunrise. Depth of field was irrelevant due to the distances involved, so I used aperture priority and shot wide open. This allowed my shutter speed to be fast enough for sharp pictures while the ISO was reasonably low. My settings were 1/1250, f/5, 800 ISO, and I used a 24-105mm lens. I could have used a slower shutter speed, but the balloon was rising and falling, rotating, and drifting with the wind and I didn't want to take a chance of less-than-sharp images. I like 'tack sharp'.

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