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An amazing marine creature
Wednesday, April 04, 2018
An amazing marine creature

One of the most ethereal and intriguing animals I've ever seen or photographed is this leafy sea dragon. It is a relative of the seahorse and is found in the oceans off the southern and western coasts of Australia. I photographed this one in the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Shooting in an aquarium is challenging. The lens axis should be perpendicular to the glass or Plexiglas for maximum sharpness. If you angle the camera at an oblique angle to the side of the aquarium, sharpness is significantly degraded. Also, if you use flash, it must be used off-camera to avoid reflections. If you place the camera lens up against the glass (ideally with a rubber lens hood), you can avoid reflections ...

Shooting in an aquarium
Sunday, May 25, 2014
An amazing marine creature

When you take pictures at an aquarium, it's usually (but not always) necessary to use flash due to the low light environment.  On-camera flash is problematic because of the reflection.  Therefore, you have to take the flash off the camera and hold it to the side.  The only way it can be used on-camera is if the lens is placed against the glass or Plexiglas of the aquarium. It is best to do this with a rubber lens hood to prevent scratching the aquarium and the lens, but by doing this the reflection from the flash won't be able to bounce back into the lens.Alternaitvely, you can raise the ISO until the shutter speed is fast enough for a sharp picture.  That's what I did ...

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