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Oregon Coast Photo Workshop

Oregon Coast Photo Workshop

August 29 - September 3, 2019

  Jim Zuckerman Botswana Tour 2013

The Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.  Let Jim take you to the best vantage points, the most

photogenic beaches, and the most dramatic subject matter along this stunning natural wonder. Dramatic sea stacks, mystical

light, rugged cliffs and expansive rocky beaches make up the Oregon Coast.  In addition, there are picturesque lighthouses to

photograph, a sea lion cave, a world-class aquarium, and harbors with fishing boats.  Practice long exposures with neutral

density filters, photograph the Milky Way on clear nights, experiment with panoramas, and take advantage of the best lighting

to capture classically beautiful seascapes. Jim will explain his methods and his thought process for taking professional images

using each of these techniques. This photo tour also includes a spectacular gorge and awesome waterfall in the Columbia

River Gorge. The meeting point is Portland, Oregon, and you can fly home from Medford, Oregon at the end of the workshop.



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Day 1, Thursday, Aug. 29. 

This workshop begins in Portland, Oregon, and we meet for the first time as a group at 6 pm. Jim will present a slide show in

which he will go over the itinerary and discuss photographic subjects that are relevant to this workshop such as HDR, long

exposures with neutral density filters, star photography, landscape photography, and macro photography in tide pools.

Overnight, Portland, Oregon.


Day 2, Friday, Aug. 30. 

Even though this is a workshop for the Oregon Coast, there are two places we visit this morning in the Columbia River Gorge

before we drive to the coast.  The two places are just too beautiful to miss. First, we photograph stunning Oneonta Gorge, a

narrow river canyon covered in lush, green vegetation. Nearby is Multnomah Falls which is actually a double waterfall with a

classic stone bridge spanning it. It is 620 feet high and offers excellent opportunities to practice long exposures with the falling

water. From here, we head to the coast and reach Cannon Beach by lunchtime. We explore this beautiful area of the Oregon

Coast until sunset. At dusk, there is a beautiful long exposure opportunity at Ecola State Park, and then afterward we will

photograph the waterfall at Hug Point at night and, if it’s a clear night, we can capture the Milky Way above it. Overnight

Tillamook, Oregon. 


Day 3, Saturday, Aug. 31. 

We head to Cape Meares this morning and photograph Oregon’s shortest lighthouse, Cape Meares Light, and then nearby is

the remarkable Octopus Tree, an ancient Sitka spruce, which was originally forced to grow so wide by members of the Tillamook

tribe who lived in the area for hundreds of years. Just a few miles away are the beautiful rock formations at Cape Kiwanda.  

Afterward, we head south to Newport and spend time photographing the world-class aquarium there. Albino alligators, sharks,

eels, a seabird aviary, tide pool encounters, and more offer amazing photographic opportunities. Jim will explain how to deal

with shooting through glass, how to get sharp pictures and how to expose correctly in these challenging photographic situations.

In the late afternoon and sunset, we will photograph remarkable Thor’s Well. Jim will discuss the advantages of various shutter

speeds to capture the unique seascape image. At dusk, we can take some classic pictures of Haceta Lighthouse perched on a

cliff over the ocean. Overnight Florence, Oregon.


Day 4, Sunday, Sept. 1.  This morning we shoot Haceta Lighthouse at dawn, and then we spend time photographing the

captivating tide pools in Cape Perpetua State Park. Photograph several colorful species of starfish as well as sea anemones,

purple sea urchins, hermit crabs, sponges, and more. We then continue driving south to Bandon where we check into our

hotel, have lunch, and then Jim will conduct a critique of your work thus far. Toward sunset, we will explore the dramatic rock

formations on Bandon Beach against the low angled sunlight as they take on the beautiful colors of evening. We will follow

this with night photography where Jim will paint with light the sea stacks to produce intriguing images. Overnight Bandon

Beach, Oregon.


Day 5, Monday, Sept. 2. The sun rises at an angle to illuminate the haystacks on Bandon Beach from the southeast, and

we will be there to photograph it. Sunrise is a completely different experience than shooting at sunset. Both times are exquisite.

This is a great time to use neutral density filters for long exposures to blur the surf as it moves up the beach. After we’ve

captured the beach and the rock formations in the best light, we will drive a half hour to Cape Blanco State Park and photograph

the beautiful lighthouse in sunrise light. From here, we continue south to the spectacular Samuel Boardman State Park where

you will be able to photograph natural arched bridges, incredible rock formations, stunning shades of color in the ocean, and

everywhere you look, you’ll find a picture. We take advantage of late afternoon and sunset lighting from various vantage points,

and night photography is an option, too. The Milky Way behind one of the bold rock formations makes a killer image.

Overnight Pistol River.


Day 6, Tuesday, Sept. 3. We have another photography session in the early morning along the Samuel Boardman Scenic

Corridor where you’ll take some of the best pictures of the workshop. Experiment with various shutter speeds to abstract the

surf, practice HDR to capture as much detail as possible in the shadows and highlights, and shoot panorama sequences and

use what you learned from Jim to stitch them together in Photoshop when you get home.


The workshop ends at 11 am this morning. For your return flight, you can drive three hours to Medford, Oregon and connect

through several major hubs like Seattle, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. All the major airlines serve

Medford.  Alternatively, you can drive four hours to Eugene and depart from that airport. If you opt to return to Portland and

fly home from there, it is approximately a 5 1/2 hour drive from Pistol River. 


Workshop fee:   $1995.  This price includes the workshop, all lodging based on double occupancy, all breakfasts, and one

welcome dinner.


Not included:  Domestic or international airfare, ground transportation, all dinners except the welcome dinner, travel cancellation

insurance, medical evacuation insurance.  You will have to rent a car or carpool with other participants for transportation throughout the

photo tour.


Single supplement (to have your own room).  $550.