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Photo Tour to East Greenland with Jim Zuckerman

East Greenland Photo Tour 

June 27 to July 5, 2014

  Jim Zuckerman Botswana Tour 2013

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Greenland seems like the end of the Earth.  This is the land of the midnight sun where steep granite cliffs descent straight into the sea.  Blue-white icebergs float on deep fjords, and sled dogs are the main means for overland transportation.  Small Inuit villages are colorful and photogenic, and they still follow the ancient ways of life in Greenland's endless Arctic wilderness. This is the largest island in the world and one of the wildest and most remote places on Earth.

Join Jim on this remarkable photo tour.  Because of the low humidity and pristine air, you can see forever. Your pictures will be dramatic, unique, and compelling, and the experience of being in such a remote and beautiful place will stay with you forever.


Itinerary (don't try to pronounce the names in Greenland.  You might hurt yourself!)


Day 1, Friday, June 27:  Depart the U.S. for Iceland and arrive at Keflavik Airport on the same day. We transfer to a hotel in Reykjavik.

Day 2, Saturday, June 28:  We fly to Kulusuk airport, Kulusuk village, and we weill be in the Ammassalik fjord in southeast Greenland. Kulusuk means “The chest of a Black Guillemot. The group will be picked up at the airport and transferred to the harbour for the boat tour to Tasiilaq. On the way to Tasiilaq we will stop at the Aputsiaq glacier for our first encounter with stunning ice art -- huge icebergs in dramatic and fanciful shapes.  Sometimes backlighting illuminates the ice from within and makes it seem like it is its own light source.  Overnight at hotel Angmagssaliq.

Day 3, Saturday, June 29:  The landscape of the Ammassalik district is exceptionally beautiful and is like no other in the entire arctic. The district is full of lakes, jagged mountains, waterfalls, green valleys, long rivers and huge glaciers. The area is largely uninhabited and breathtaking in its purity.

Our boat tour starts at 9am from the harbor, and we will sail along the Ammassalik Fjord.  From there we motor through the deep Ikasagtivaq Fjord  to the Tinit (Tinitiqilaaqsettlement.  Here we stop for two hours and have lunch on the shore of the Icefjord, and then we head back to Tasiilaq.  Overnight at Hotel Angmagssaliq.

Day 4, Saturday, June 30: 

We leave at 9 am for Ikateq, a deserted village located near an old American military base that creates a stark contrast to the beautiful wilderness scenery surrounding it. From Ikateq we sail to the beautiful Knud Rasmussen glacier where we shoot for about 2 hours.

Sermiliqaq is next on our schedule.  It has a population of about 220 people, and the wooden houses in the village are small and colorful. In the bottom of the fjord and about 20 km from Sermiliqaq there are two large glaciers, Knud Rasmussen glacier and Karale glacier. Because of the glacier activities, the Sermiliqaq Fjord is colored with sediments, giving it a very distinctive milky blue color. The setting is really beautiful.  We return to Tasiilaq in the late afternoon.  Overnight Hotel Angmagssaliq.

Day 5, Sunday, July 1: 

We sale in the direction of Semmerlik, an icefjord, and our first stop will be in Ikatek, a deserted settlement. We then head toward Johan Pedersen fjord all the way up to the Haan glacier which is connected to the polar icecap.

As we are approaching the glacier we go on land to have lunch and enjoy the beautiful scenery by the glacier.

Heading back, we explore the various formed icebergs and if we are lucky we might see some seals.sOvernight at Hotel Angmagssaliq.

Day 6, Monday, July 2:

We will spend the day sightseeing in and around Kuummiut. Kuummiut is situated deep in the Ammassalik Fjord. From the village, the view is awe-inspiring along the fjord all the way to the Denmark Strait. The peaks around Kuummiut are extremely high with dramatic sheer cliffs. Overnight at Hotel Angmagssaliq.

Day 7, Tuesday, July 3:  This morning we board a helicopter for a transfer from Tasiilaq to Kulusuk. We then fly back to Iceland and arrive in Reykjavik in the late afternoon.  Overnight at hotel in Reykjavík.

Day 8, Wednesday, July 4:

Transfer from Reykjavík to Keflavík airport for departure from Iceland.


Tour cost:  $6595.  Includes two nights hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland with breakfast, Airport transfer in Kulusuk, 5 nights Hotel Angmagssalik (including breakfast and dinner), all the boat tours, transfer from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq, whole day in Tinit, whole day to the glacier in John Pedersen fjord, day tour to Kuummiut, lunches, 2 dinners in Reykjavik, professional photography instruction.

Not included:  International flight to Iceland, and the flight from Reykjavik, Iceland to Kulusuk, Greenland, airport tax, helicopter transfer from Tasiilaq to Kulusuk (approximately $1200), drinks, alcoholic beverages, and items of a personal nature.

Single supplement:  $400