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Photoshop Workshop, February 10 - 11, 2018

February 10 - 11, 2018

Los Angeles, California

I will be teaching a two day Photoshop seminar in Woodland Hills, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, and the Hilton Hotel.  Usually I teach these seminars in my home, but I will be on the West Coast and for those who find it difficult to fly to Tennessee, I will be offering this course locally. Besides covering innovative ways of using Photoshop's tools, I stress how to be truly creative.  In other words, how to think outside the box, how to choose pictures to composite together, how to replace the sky, how to work with color, sharpening techniques, the best noise reduction technique, and how to fix myriad problems that all p photographers encounter.  I cover the tools palette, layers and layer masks, channels, blend modes, the best Photoshop plug-ins, and much, much more. Photoshop is many things to many people. Some use it simply to alter color, contrast, and exposure, some photographers use it primarily to beautify skin tones in portraits, while other people use it to clone out unwanted elements in a scene like telephone wires and overexposed highlights. I do all of that, but I take Photoshop to a much higher level in terms of its creative potential. Most other instructors focus on the commands without showing you how to be creative with them. First I teach you the commands, and then I show you multiple ways of turning that knowledge into awesome images.


Visit the gallery to see what's possible in Photoshop

Even though I start at the beginning, this workshop is not just for beginners. Because Photoshop can’t be taught in a linear fashion, like mathematics, I quickly get into amazing techniques that intermediate and advanced Photoshop users will love to learn.

For a full outline of the workshop, send me a note and I’ll be happy to email it to you. You will need to bring your own laptop so you can follow along with the various techniques as I present them.  I will give you at least a couple dozen of my photos so you can do exactly what I'm doing, and I will give you time to work on your own photos as well.

I love Photoshop and I really enjoy inspiring you with what this program can do. You will be truly amazed at the awesome creativity with which this program empowers you. You will take your photographs to a new level. I include my eBook Cool Photoshop Techniques that you can use as a reference.

Fee: $450. If you want to register for the workshop, CONTACT ME and I’ll give you the details of how to do it.