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Polar Bear Adventure

Polar Bear Adventure (one spot left)

Oct. 28 - Nov. 3, 2014


Jim Zuckerman Botswana Tour 2013




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Most of the polar bear pictures you see were taken from huge tundra buggies in Churchill, and these monster vehicles are so high off the ground that you are forced to shoot down on the bears.  This is a big disadvantage because it makes the polar bears seem diminuative.  They don't photograph nearly as large or impressive as they really are. The ideal is to photograph wildlife from the lowest point of view because that gives them greater stature.

I found a place that allows you to photograph the bears from ground level.  You are protected by an electric fence, but this vantage point makes all the difference in the world. This is not just a polar bear trip – it’s an immersive experience in the land of the polar bears, the Inuit people and the intricacies of the tundra. This photo tour gets you as close to polar bears in their natural environment as possible. It’s an experience that will leave lifelong memories.

This amazing arctic adventure begins with a 40 to 50 min flight on a private, turbo otter aircraft from Churchill north along the west coast of Hudson Bay on the exact same path that polar bears are taking on their search for the first sea ice to form in the bay. We land right on the tundra on a make-shift tundra runway beside a camp of comfortable, simple, arctic cabins (two guests per cabin), with full power and heat, surrounded by an electric fence to keep the polar bears out. You can expect different polar bears come within ten meters of the camp’s fence during daylight hours, providing exhilarating, close-up photo opportunities. (the fence is quite easy to photograph through without affecting your images). The camp is often visited by individual polar bears, as well as mothers with cubs, so you may get to photograph bears sparring, playfighting, foraging for food, or doing ‘bear yoga’ on the tundra.

There can be days when we don’t have a polar bear come close (this is the nature of wildlife) and when there aren’t bears around the cabins, we’ll be making short, guided, walking excursions out on to the tundra to look for arctic wildlife and take landscape pictures with our Inuit guides who are specially trained to maximize your photo opportunities with the bears without endangering either you or the bears. These short hikes often provide more opportunities to photograph the bears, as well as arctic hares, arctic foxes, martens, willow ptarmigan, and snowy owls. If lucky, we may also see gyr falcons and wolverines.

You can look forward to photographing from 1-10 polar bears per day, along with other wildlife.

Expect the majority of the photography to be done from tripods or handheld from a standing or crouching position on the tundra. Participants should be mobile and fit enough to be able to comfortably walk 1-3 kilometers with a small amount of gear and tripods.


• Live where the polar bears live and observe them 24/7 from the Arctic Kingdom Polar Bear Cabins

• Remote, rustic and raw, yet as real and authentic polar bear viewing possible anywhere in the world

• Nature trekking with seasoned Inuit guides to get you even closer to the polar bears

• Northern Lights at night – Observe the shimmering hues of greens and reds of the northern lights



Day 1.  Oct. 28. Tuesday. Arrival in Winnipeg. Check into hotel of your choice. (Extra fee of probably $150 plus taxes per night)

Day 2. Oct. 29, Wednesday.  Early morning departure for Churchill. Transfer to waiting private charter aircraft for 40 min flight to Polar Bear Cabins. Afternoon of polar bear observation and photography.

Day 3–5.  Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, Thur. - Sat.  Observe and photograph polar bears, arctic fox, snowy owl, wolverine, martens and gyrfalcon from cabins. Nature treks to view polar bears. At this time of year, there are many hours of darkness and the chance of photographing the aurora borealis is very good.

Day 6. Nov. 2, Sunday. Morning of polar bear observation. In the afternoon, we board the private aircraft to return to Churchill and transfer to the jet for the flight back to Winnipeg. Overnight in Winnipeg at hotel of your choice.

Day 7.  Nov. 3, Monday. Depart for home


Polar Bear Adventure is limited to 7 people.

Tour cost:  $9450 double occupancy.  Includes lodging in the polar bear cabin, all meals in the cabin, the 40 minute chartered flight from Churchill to the polar bear cabin and return to Churchill, and photography instruction.

Flight from Winnipeg to Churchill approximately $1100 plus taxes.

It is a condition of this photo tour that you must be insured against medical and personal risks and have search and rescue coverage.