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POST-PROCESSING course $169.00

An online course with Jim Zuckerman in four lessons

Course description:
This course defines the next step after you make the original digital captures. All digital images require post-processing to look their best. The knowledge and the techniques you'll learn in this course are essential to good photography. You will learn how to turn disappointing pictures into images you'll be proud of, and you will know how to turn good pictures into great ones.

Each lesson is a mini-ebook comprising text and beautiful visual examples. You'll see how Jim transforms pictures into works of art, how he solves problems that many photographers think are impossible to solve, and how he uses the non-destructive editing capability of the RAW converter to turn out perfect images.

Jim uses Adobe Camera Raw, which comes with Photoshop, to demonstrate these techniques. For Lightroom users, know that you have the identical capabilities, but the locations of the various commands will be different in the dialog boxes you use.

This course is geared to all levels of photographers who want to learn how to get the most out of their RAW captures. This also applies If you have been shooting for many years and aren't really happy with your images. This course will give you inspiration and a fresh new way of looking at the tools you have to become truly artistic with your camera.

How it works:
You will receive all four links to the lessons upon receipt of payment. After you study a lesson and feel ready to email Jim your pictures per the assignment at the end of the lesson, he will then give you a detailed critique of your work. He highlights your strengths and offers suggestions for improvement in areas that require your attention. Jim's critiques are kind but always honest. Often he uses Photoshop to alter or enhance one of your pictures to show you what he's thinking.

There is no time limit on this course. You can fit the lessons into any schedule. Jim will critique your work when it is submitted, even if it takes you many months to complete the course.

Included in the cost of the course is a phone call to Jim once a week, if you wish, to discuss individual pictures you've submitted, equipment you're considering buying, great photo destinations, marketing your work, or anything else you'd like to discuss relating to photography or travel.

Lesson plan for Post-processing
1. The Problem of Contrast
2. Embellishments: Going from good to great
3. Replacing the Sky
4. Problem Solving

Questions before registering: If you have any questions about any aspect of this course before you sign up, simply email Jim your questions at:

Course fee: $169 USD. This includes four lessons, four written critiques, and four weekly phone calls if you would like to speak with Jim.

Refund policy: After you've received all four lessons and the first critique, you have seven days to request a refund if you feel this material is not suited for your needs. The entire fee will be funded to you.
Total Price: $169.00
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