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Snowy owl workshop 2019

Snowy Owls Workshop

February 12-15, 2019


  Jim Zuckerman Botswana Tour 2013


Jim is offering an amazing workshop where you will have unique and exciting closeup encounters with wild snowy owls.

The workshop takes place north of Toronto, Canada. The owls have been frequenting this area for years, and they allow a

close approach by photographers. The longest lens you'll need is a 300mm (but if you have a 400mm lens, bring it), and

many great pictures can be taken with a 70-200mm! This workshop will teach you how to photograph birds in flight, how

to expose for snow, how to use predictive autofocus, and how to choose the most appropriate exposure mode and ISO

with fast moving subjects.


With each photo session, you will have as many as ten fly-bys of a wild owl.  We usually photograph four or five different

owls during the workshop. This gives you so many opportunities to take incredible pictures, and you will be in awe of what

you will be able to capture.  Everyone is thrilled with their images.


The white snowys against a winter background are visually arresting, and with those piercing yellow eyes, your images

will definitely have that 'wow' factor. This is one of the most beautiful bird shoots ever. Each day we will take advantage of

the best light for the best photographs. This is winter time in Canada, though, so you have to dress appropriately. It's very

cold and you have to protect your fingers, toes, ears, and face.  Jim will send out a color eBooklet several months prior to

the workshop with detailed information about this.


This workshop fills quickly, so if you really want to participate and get incredibly beautiful photographs, don't wait to register.


Workshop cost: $2495. Includes four nights hotel based on double occupancy, ground transportation during the workshop,

access to the private property to get close to the owls, breakfasts in the hotel, one dinner, a local guide who provides bait for

the owls, photo instruction, and critiques on demand.

Limited to 6 people.


Single supplement: $265

Not included: Airfare to Toronto, shuttle from the airport to the hotel (about $60), items of a personal nature, alcoholic



NOTE: We start shooting early on February 13, and we return to Toronto in the late afternoon

of February 15. Therefore, you should arrive at the hotel on February 12.  From the Toronto airport (airport code YYZ),

take a taxi or Uber to the hotel, about 45 minutes drive.   You will find the name and address of the hotel in the

eBooklet you will receive.  We will overnight on the last night in Toronto unless you have an evening flight home.


To reiterate, this is a winter workshop and you will need appropriate clothing meaning a serious parka, a very warm hat or

hood, layers of warm clothes, serious boots for extreme cold (not fashionable snow boots for urban wear), and gloves and

glove liners. A face mask is also important to keep your nose and face warm. You will also need a box of hand warmers.  In

the color eBooklet Jim sends you, he explains his technique for keeping a photographer's fingers warm in winter conditions.