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Wildlife adults and babies with Jim Zuckerman

 June 30 - July 3, 2016


Jim Zuckerman Botswana Tour 2013



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 Join Jim Zuckerman on this great workshop to photograph baby animals as well as the interactions with their mothers. We will also shoot adult North American animals by themselves with the lush green forest as a natural environment. There is nothing cuter in nature than wolf pups, mountain lion cubs, fox pups at a den, fawns, skunks, mink, bears, bobcats, racoons, and more.  You will be up close and personal with these adorable little creatures, and you'll get outstanding images. Super long lenses are not needed. The longest lens Jim brings is a 300mm, but most of the pictures you will take will be done with a 200mm focal length.  We take advantage of the best lighting to get the best shots.

We start early in the morning on July 1, and our last photo session is the late afternoon on July 3.  The travel time back to Minneapolis from Hinckley (where the workshop takes place) is about 90 minutes, so if you return home by air, arrange your flight after 8pm on Sunday, July 3 or Monday morning.

Workshop fee:  $1995

Includes:  Access to wildlife babies as well as adult animals, photo instruction, critiques upon request.

Not included:  Transportation to Hinckley, Minnesota, accommodations, meals.