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Frogs and Reptiles Photography Workshop with Jim Zuckerman

October 20 - 21, 2018


Jim Zuckerman Botswana Tour 2013

Most of the previous frog and reptile workshops have sold out because the people who participate get incredible pictures way beyond their expections. Join Jim for this extremely exciting workshop in macro photography. You will photograph spectacularly colored poison dart frogs (they are not poisonous in captivity) and primitive-looking exotic reptiles in a two day shoot in St. Louis, Missouri. There will be several shooting stations with natural looking plants, flowers, leaves and bark as background environments, and the images will look as if they were taken in the rainforest.  Actually, they will look better than you can get in the wild because these creatures are hard to find, the lighting in the forest is tough, you can’t get close enough, and the background is usually busy and distracting.


You will have total control in that the lighting is perfect, the backgrounds are natural, the colors are outrageous, and you will be able to maintain complete depth of field to reveal all of the stunning details in these amazing creatures. I will begin the weekend with a presentation on macro photography, lighting, and exposure to discuss the technical challenges with this kind of shooting, and then I will help you get some of the best macro pictures you've ever taken. Check out the photos in the Gallery — you will get pictures just like this!  

The maximum number of participants is 10.



Workshop fee: USD $940.00

Included: Lecture on macro photography and lighting for macro, access to ring light, two days of photography of some of the most intriguing macro subjects you’ll ever find, and critiques on demand. Access to approximately 40 to 50 species of animals. 

Not included: Transportation to St. Louis, hotel, meals. I conduct the seminar at the Hampton Inn near the airport, and there is a free shuttle back and forth.   

CONTACT ME if you'd like participate, and I will give you the information to enroll and to reserve your room.



Recommended list of equipment for the workshop:

1.  dSLR body.

2.  50mm macro lens (you can use a longer focal length like a 100mm or 180mm macro, but the lighting won't be as soft and diffused compared to using the 50mm or 60mm macro lens).

3.  No tripod is required for the frogs and reptiles because you will be using flash.

4.  Ring flash or twin macro flash setup. You can also use a Ray flash diffuser placed over a normal portable flash.  This is a larger piece of equipment, but it'scheap ($49 at Amazon) and it provides the same kind of light.

5.  Extension tube set to allow you to focus extremely close to the small frogs (which are smaller than you expect).

6.  Spare AA batteries for your flash. As batteries become depleted, the recycle time lengthens.