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Composition concepts
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Thursday, November 13, 2014
By Jim Zuckerman
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The compositional concept of leading lines is a classic one in both art and photography, and it serves an important purpose.  It draws the eye into the center of a picture, and that's usually where the subject or at least the interest is.  In this case, the pier in south Florida is the leading line.  Note I used complete depth of field in this shot.  I feel that's very important for virtually all leading lines.  That means, of course, that a tripod is essential so you can use a small lens aperture like f/22 or f/32 without worring about the speed of the shutter. In muted light circumstances, like the cloudy day I had to work with, the shutter is going to be slow.  A tripod guarantees a sharp picture througout.

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jin - Thank you. I follow your blog for a long time. I have bought your book"Pro Secrets" used as bible.

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