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Creating twilight
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Sunday, November 25, 2018
By Jim Zuckerman
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I am in Yangon, Burma right now to begin another photography tour here. I took this shot from the balcony of my hotel this evening, and the original sky was dull gray/brown. Had I been shooting upward from the ground at the illuminated pagoda, the sky would have been cobalt blue. Instead, I captured this image from the 8th floor of the hotel. Thus, I was shooting at the horizon and the air quality caused the picture to suffer. I selected the sky with the pen tool in Photoshop so it was precise, and then I filled the selected area with a gradient of color to match a typical twilight sky with clear air. Finally, I couldn't help myself but to add a crescent moon. The original moon was photographed against a black sky elsewhere, and I made a rough selection of it (including some of the black sky) with the lasso tool. When I pasted it into the blue sky background, I used the 'lighten' blend mode which eliminated all the black around the moon. I then resized the moon and rotated it so the illuminated lunar surface faced where the sun had set to be astronomically correct.

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