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Wednesday, December 05, 2018
By Jim Zuckerman
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This remarkable standing Buddha is made of one piece of wood from an ancient tree. It is inside the 900 year old Ananda Temple in Bagan, Burma, and it is a pilgrimage site for Buddhists. This monk was standing in front of the dramatic depiction of Buddha as many other people tried to squeeze into the small space in the interior of the temple. It was impossible to get a clean shot of the scene, so I took two separate images with the same wide angle lens. I photographed the monk, and then I waited for the crowd to clear around the base of the stature to capture this dramatic upward angle. I then used Photoshop to composite the two photos. My settings for both pictures were 1/50, f/2.8, 6400 ISO, and I used a Canon 16-35mm lens.

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